"Hayley has been wonderful to work with, her kindness, enthusiasm and knowledge made her a perfect fit for us. She took our almost non-existent Pinterest account from minimal monthly views to over 30K views per month! And because of her work our sales have increased and we are now reaching more people than ever before."

- Liz & Kylie, Wee-Rascals.com

"My business has completely transformed since hiring Hayley. Having her on my team to assist with client care and social media support helped me have of my most profitable quarters to date and transition my freelance business to an agency model - a business goal I’ve had for years. Having Hayley attend client meetings with me was a real game-changer. Those meetings landed me higher value projects and I believe in part because those clients felt great confidence in our team's abilities with Hayley on board. She is organized, works quickly, and brings such enthusiastic energy to everything she does!"

- Kristen Estes, MoonwalkerDigital.com



"Because of Hayley we're now reaching 43,000 more people monthly on Pinterest. She's organized, knows what she's doing, and she makes the process so seamless!"

- Kate Northrup, author of Money: A Love Story, KateNorthrup.com

"Bringing Hayley onto our team as our Director of Community Management has been a total game-changer for our business in the past few months. Not only has it freed up our time to work on other important aspects of our business, we feel in complete trust and comfort with having her lead our community. She communicates with our community members with such positivity, detail and grace and she always goes above and beyond with fresh and creative ideas for new content.

She’s a genuine joy to work with and she overall makes our team stronger. Thank you Hayley for always taking initiative, being incredibly resourceful, communicative, adaptable and professional. We can’t wait to incorporate you into many more aspects of our business in the near future!"

- Shay & Cassie, BucketlistBombshells.com



"Hayley has been such a delightful addition to my team and helps me so much with my business.  She's a great Project Manager and is always willing to take on new projects and help me with whatever I need!  I love working with her and have already recommended her to a few other entrepreneurs (but secretly wish I could keep her all to myself!)"

- Cori Burchell, DearMissMillionaire.com

"Hayley is amazing to work with to help us grow our business.  I literally give her something to do and the next thing I know it's done, and the best part, I never have to worry about timelines or following up with her on the task.  She hits the deadlines and it gets done.  I highly recommend working with Hayley."

- Mike Watts, MikeJWatts.com